Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Savour the Flavour

“Food glorious food” is a line from a jingle of a food ad here that my son loves to sing. Well who doesn’t think that food is glorious? Just the thought of rocky road ice cream melting in our tongue already activates our salivary glands 100% more than normal. Add chocolate moist cake to that thought. How about leche flan? I’m sure you are drooling now.

Well, I believe most people have sweet tooth. I do. Yet in this place where sweets are flourishing and sumptuous food which we only see in foreign cooking shows and magazines or a restaurant’s menu are burgeoning, my palate is yearning for the food it grew up with – steamed sweet potatoes, boiled saba bananas with ginisang bagoong, kinilaw, paksiw, green jackfruit with coconut milk and dilis, pinakbet and more.

Affordable thin or thick crusted pizzas of various flavours abound here. You can just go to a grocery store and a huge row of fridge is filled with it for your eyes to feast on or you can opt to buy from a variety of pizza shops where you can get it hot. You might say lucky me huh. Don’t say it too fast coz I simply miss the aroma and taste of hot pandesal and monay.

A couple of gold coins and you can have a pack of ready-to-cook French fries (they call it chips here) or hash browns that would last a week at home. Delicious? Oh yeah! But just for a little while. I still miss maruya and grilled bananas or ginanggang.

Get a gold coin and your thirst will be quenched with scores of bottled juices from numerous fruits to choose from. But after a while, your palate will look for that familiar cold sweet fresh buko juice.

Your pink bill here will give you apples, plums, strawberries, grapes, and pears enough to make a fruit salad for six. Oh definitely nutritious and profoundly heavenly. But then again, the palate that got used to green mangoes with bagoong, sweet ripe mangoes, tasty durian, juicy lanzones, and mangosteen craves for their tang.

The list of absolutely mouth-watering and delectable food here is endless but one thing is certain, there is no food like home.

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