Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have always loved taking photos. I remember the first camera I had more than a decade ago. Olympus. It was a gift from my father. I would save money just to buy the film and take photos of me and my friends, rush to the printing shop and keep the negatives. In fact, all the negatives are still tightly kept in a chocolate box. :o) I then took pleasure in arranging the pictures in my albums, smiling along the way as I reminisce the events in each photograph.

Then came my Kodak advantix with its key feature - panorama view. Took good stuff with it at Mount Kitanglad and Bohol - all have panoramic views indeed!

Technology evolved so fast. Mobile phones with cameras became very handy. I didn't have to spend much for the printing and there's no need for boxes to store negatives in. 

The era of the digital cameras dawned. Cameras of various brands, features, sizes and prices have stormed the markets. While those who could afford enjoyed their cams, I only kept my desire to have one to myself.

Truly patience delivers sweet fruits. Now that we (my hubby and I) have finally got hold of the cam of our dreams, just imagine the heaps of photos I will be taking. Hence, I am sharing some of the first few shots I have taken. I know I still have a long way to go and much to learn about the cam itself and photography in general but that doesn't bother me. Shots are now unlimited, storage is easy, and scores of elements are waiting to be used and discovered.

Canola Plantation
Umpherston Sinkhole


my hubby at Valley Lake

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